Achieve 60% of Market Share in Brazil

About the brand

RealWear is an American brand founded in 2016 that produces smart headsets geared toward industrial use. Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, the company aims to provide secure and efficient voice communication solutions for workers in various industries, such as construction, mining, oil and gas, and others.


RealWear’s entry into the Brazilian market faced some challenges, such as competition with brands already consolidated in the country and the need to adapt its products and marketing strategies to the local reality. Besides, the market for intelligent headsets was still little explored in Brazil, which increased the difficulty in conquering space.

The Brazilian market was already warm and ready for consumption. for consumption, our biggest challenge was to build funnel intelligent and measurable enough to guarantee the desired to guarantee the desired flow. La Torre’s performance
Marketing was decisive in this process.

João Nelson

CEO of Nobre Tech.


To overcome the challenges encountered, RealWear bet on an aggressive marketing strategy focused on showing the advantages of its products to Brazilian workers. The company also partnered with local distributors and offered specialized technical support in Portuguese, which helped win the trust of customers.


RealWear’s strategy has yielded significant results: in a short time, the brand achieved a market share of approximately 60% in the Brazilian market for smart headsets. The quality and efficiency of its products, allied to a successful marketing strategy, were fundamental to consolidate RealWear as one of the main brands in the sector in the country.