Digital funnel generates B2B leads for Canadian industry.

About the brand

CSN Pharma is a Canadian startup led by a Forbes Under 40 CEO. The company is in the dietary supplement business and is committed to providing manufacturing services for the production of nutraceuticals for Canada, US and export.


La Torre Marketing faced the challenge of creating a new website and generating leads in less than 4 months for CSN Pharma. It was necessary to find an effective strategy that would drive qualified leads to the business, aiming to expand the B2B market.


The agency focused on a targeted approach to B2B bottom-of-funnel leads, using strategic campaigns to attract the right target audience. In addition, a Complete site redesign, highlighting a new KV (Key Visual), guaranteeing an engaging experience for visitors.


Website construction in record time. Fast lead recovery by SEO with the Ads strategy. Strengthening of brand valuation, bringing the use of bottom-of-funnel focused resources.