grew its digital presence
9X in Latin America.


Audience engagement


Followers LATAM


Followers Brazil

Positioning a centenary brand

To effectively position the brand not only in Brazil but also across various Latin American countries, it became evident that a comprehensive update of the brand’s content was necessary. Recognizing the diverse cultural nuances and preferences in these regions, we embarked on a mission to develop materials that were not only more engaging but also tailored to resonate deeply with our target audience.

We focused on creating more compelling and relatable materials. This involved crafting stories and messages that mirrored the everyday experiences and aspirations of our audience. By using a tone and style that felt familiar and authentic, we aimed to build a stronger emotional connection with our customers.

Strategic Content Management

Through our proprietary 6XD™ facilitation tool, we identify the pains, interests and needs of the target audience and develop more interesting content, with more coherent, clear and convincing language.

A cultural approach to communication

We identified that to position the brand in Latin American countries, it would be necessary to re-think the brand’s content.

We developed some interesting materials directed to 5 countries in LATAM.

Numbers talk

Sale of all stock, approximately 50 units with an average ticket of R$30,000.00.
917% growth in the number of Instagram followers.
Increased engagement by 602.49%.

Project managed
by La Torre Marketing


Lore Vargas
Matheus Schmidt

Account Manager

Valesca Carvalho


Júlio Cesar


Carlos Estevão

Wanessa Garcia


Ana Oliveira

Mayara Kellerman