30% lower CPL and qualified leads

About the brand

The Liz brand has been synonymous with pioneering spirit, comfort and beauty for over two decades. Committed to ethics and sustainability, it enchants the female world with magical solutions that provide well-being at all times. Present in more than 20 countries, its brand is internationally recognized.


Create a qualified lead generation funnel for the sale of Liz Lingerie franchises in Brazil. The challenge is to sell new mall stores that require an investment starting at 415 thousand reais.

The essence of Liz Lingerie is pioneering, comfort and beauty, delighting women worldwide for decades. Replicating this in new franchises is key to conveying our identity and consolidating our global recognition.

– Ricardo Marcondes

Franchise Manager of Liz Lingerie.


Message designed to connect with the target audience, desire generation through sponsored video ads on Youtube, Display and bottom of funnel search campaigns.


Reach highly qualified new potential customers (Leads) at a cost 30% lower than previous campaigns and 20% lower than the average market cost.